Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I have no idea

I need to add links to this stupid thing and it confuses me. Even when people tell me. so I'm just going to add them here.
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Ok so I have to redo this stupid thing even though I was almost done. I really hate computers with a passion. I hope you liked my little reflection on myself. Now to start on the reflections for the end of the class. This is for anyone who will be in this class. If this applies to you, i hope your ready for a fast paced class. Assignments sometimes overlapp and its crazy. Just don't freak out too bad. I personally would have like a little more time on some of the assignments. I love writing, I really do. I don't even mind the promps all that much. It would just be nice to have more time on some of the essays so I know what I'm talking about when I write. Something that I jsut found out is that Paul likes comics. I wonder how easy it would be to get him sidetracked into talking about comics. Although he's pretty good at staying on topic even if you do not want to. I always love it when my teacher is easy to sidetrack. I had so much typed up and then I messed it up by clickong on this one button and I know no longer remember what I wrote. The only other thing I remember is World of Warcraft and Dungeons and dragons. I swear when Paul walked in the class that first day i was like woah, I bet he goes home everynight to play W.O.W. and dungeons and dragons. And that W.O.W. for anyonw who doesn't know means World of Warcraft. He says he doesn't have time but who knows. He does drive all the way from Hampton everyday. I think so don't quote me on it. I hate driven to and from Chesapeake and Norfolk all the time. I know they aren't as far as Hampton but still. I absolutly hate driving. jsut think what traffic would be like. Yikes. Either way I know I got way off topic. I'm good at that. But English is a fun class just if you don't like fast paced then is not the right class for you. Take the sixteen week course. Its probably way slower paced then the eight week course. Enjoy!!

Reflections part one

Oh lord what to say about english. It was a fun class. This is for anyone taking this class and the eight week course. If this is you, you should read this. This course is very fast paced. For me it got so hecktic that if I wasn't carefull I would have lost track of when everything was due. Some things overlap one another. Like you would have one essay due on Monday and another one due on Wensday. It's deffinently alot of fun. Specially if the class gets to know one another and you can sometimes get Paul off subject. Just recently actually. Well kinda. Paul likes comics, so get him really talking and he might forget, but maybe not. He's pretty good about stayin on the topic even though you really don't want to be. Oh and one of the readings that has to be read for class isn't as bad as it seems. I think it's like ten pages long and the first couple of pages are so dry, you'll sit there for like ten minutes just trying to read the first two pages. Everything after that is really interesting. I enjoyed the class imensly. See I am smart, I know big words. Paul can sometime's be a little wierd. No offense Paul but it's true. When I first saw Paul at the begining of the teerm I was like oh lord he probly goes home to play world of warcraft of dungeons and dragons. But he really doesn't, or so he says. It might very possibly be true becuase he does have a ton of classes and drives to hampton everyday I think is what it was. That would suck driving to and from Hampton. I hate driving to and from Chesapeake or even Norfolk all the time.

A night out

A typical night out for me would be going all the way to Norfolk to go line dancing or going right up the road to another little bar. I enjoy going to the country bar in Norfolk so much more because there's little drama for me there. Thats the good thing about still not being known there. No one knows me so they don't really have a problem with me. Usually what happens on those nights I get off work and practically go straight to the bar. There's a few people I hang out with. Any one person in that bar would stand up for me or take care of a problem for me, even if they didn't know me. Thats why I love cowboys. I really like the tight wranglers and cowboy hats the most. i know I'm such a girl. The funny part is, people assume I'm just a girl from the city who doesn't know slick about anything. I've always been good at playing the ditzy blonde, even when my hair color is not blonde. Anyways. Everyone in the bar just about closes out the bar. on a friday or swaturday night you drive past this itty bitty diner called Johnny's and it's packed with mostly trucks but there's some cars. That doesn't usually happen till about two in the morning. It's usually four or five in the morning before anyone decides to leave. Then the next night everyone does it again.

The other little bar I go to is not my favorite. It's only cool because they think I'm Twenty one. I'm not gonna lie it's a go go bar. The music's cool and some of the people are nice. I don't like to go anymore because of the drama invovled in that place. Too many girls worried about who their boyfriend is sittingwith and what their talking about. It's crazy. It's a good place to start dancing at though. Not that I know from experience or anything. Always after that bar a bunch of us go to the other little diner called Rick's, usually till three or four in the morning.

Please don't think I'm just some party girl because I'm really not. The life I lead is pretty bussy. When i go out I go all out. I try to get away from what's wrong at home. sometimes it works and other times not so much.

diagnostic essay part one

The worst job that I have ever had would be as a cashier at Food Lion. I
have been at Food Lion for about seven months.
The worst part of working at Food Lion is that one rude person who ruins
the rest of your day. It's not always a good thing when it's super busy or super
slow.The bad thing about it being super busy is you have no down time from
people, and your constantly involved with people. The bad thing about it being
super slow, there is nothing to do and eventually you get sent home early. By
getting sent home early you lose money.
Another bad aspect of working as a cashier at Food Lion is dealing with
the money for up to eight hours a day. At the end of your shift it gets counted for
the next person or the next depending on when you get off, and if its short or
over a certain amount then you get put on this program called accountability.
When this happens everything has to be counted in front of you. Its not a fun
thing. Its time consuming.
There is one good thing about my job. Its some of the people. No matter if
your working in another department they still know you. Some of the people
always come through your line. When they walk in the doors and see you they
get their stuff and come through your line. Not all the poeple are very nice. They
hit on you and are rude. Its not always in english either.
The worst job that I have ever had is as a cashier at Food Lion, beacuse
of the rude people, the down time and the busy time.